Kathleen Bradford, (K. Hede/Bradford) lives in Southwest Florida. Typically, you will find Kathleen in the midst of creating several pieces of artwork at one time, especially when she is working on a large wall assemblage.  When asked why she works on multiple pieces of artwork simultaneously, Kathleen answered,   “Because I need to know exactly what to do next on each piece. If I am unsure, I take the time to think more about the composition. In the meantime, I complete other designed work.  It works very well for me and ensures the quality of each piece of artwork.”

Kathleen brings the vibrant, rich colors of the tropical environment into the detailed designs of her wall assemblages.  She uses acrylic paints, adhesives, metals, glass, mirror shards, beads, rocks, fabric, wood, wire and seashells to actualize each original artwork.  The finished abstract composition provokes an exceptional aesthetic experience.

Kathleen also applies her mixed media designs to items formerly enjoyed by others. She redesigns mirrors, vases and other home accessories to renew their purpose and aesthetic merit.

Kathleen has won awards in several local, national and international competitions. Her artwork is in several private collections. All of Kathleen's artwork is collectible and signed, K. Hede/Bradford





Q: What is an “assemblage”?

A:   “Assemblage” is a term used to describe artwork that uses many unrelated elements to create an aesthetic experience.  It is not a collage.  It is not a mosaic. 

Q: What materials are used in your artwork assemblage?

A: Mirror shards are always used in my work. Additional elements, such as blown glass, pottery, beads, rope, wood, wire, buttons, old jewelry and seashells, are chosen based on the artwork and/or my customer's specific request.

Q: Where do you get your ideas to create artwork?

A: Most of my ideas are developed in my head – I see each idea’s shape, color and elements in my mind.  Then, my mental vision grows to a point where I am prepared to sketch it on paper.  However, some ideas are just realized in the moment, as a spontaneous reaction to color and materials.

Q: What do you use to adhere all of the organic elements in the assemblage?

A:   I use an adhesive that I have developed over several years.  It is a mixture of commercial blends and it accepts color. It is applied to 1/4" sealed and reinforced plywood.

Q:  Can I put your artwork outdoors?

A:  Yes, if I know in advance that you are going to put the artwork outdoors, I can adjust the adhesive to respond favorably to the elements.

Q: What if I wanted a specific color or design?  Do you do special orders?

A:   Yes!  I really enjoy developing a specific design with custom mixed colors that meets the client’s needs.  I have a process in place to ensure open communication between the client and myself.

Q:  What if I need to have you ship your artwork? 

A:  I can ship your artwork to any address you would like.  Standard rates apply.

Q:  How do I keep my artwork clean?  What about the mirror shards?

A:  Very easily.  Treat your new artwork like it is a sculpture.  Each piece of the assemblage is a sculptural statement.  So, please –

  • use a cool hair dryer to blow off the dust, or an new bristle brush. I provide the brush to all my clients.
  • try not to clean the mirror shards – let them age gracefully with the rest of the artwork;
  • if a mirror shard does have a smudge from a handprint on it and you CANNOT stand to look at it, use a Q-tip dipped in Windex to clean that particular mirror shard.  Please, do not clean all of the mirrors!
  • please note, the mirror shards may or may not respond to the adhesive over time – if they do, some may develop black lines. These lines will enhance the depth of the design

Q: If I like the artwork so much, will you make me one more just like it?

A:   I am flattered that you are so pleased with the artwork that you would like another just like it.  However, I do not make duplicates of any of my work.  When a client requests additional artwork, I create a choice for the client that includes similar designs using the same materials.  The additional artwork would complement the existing piece but not be identical.