Because you want to own artwork that redefines creativity and design. You want artwork that speaks to you, that you love to see every day and that you know will increase in value over time. 

Some of the comments that I hear from my clients about my artwork are:

“Every day, when I see your artwork, I discover something new that intrigues my imagination.”

“No one has ever seen anything like it before.”

“The artwork changes before my eyes in different lighting.”

“I see new shapes and colors all the time.”

“Your artwork enhances the good feelings of our home.”

I welcome the opportunity to design an original abstract assemblage specifically for you. The discussion and decision-making process is friendly and comfortable. Your input is valued and appreciated.

Size:  6 feet wide by 3 feet high



Based upon your input in our initial consultation, I will develop three design sketches for your review that includes size, your choice of custom colors and materials. Timelines, pricing and contractual agreements are simple and efficient. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Commissions:

Q:  What do you use as a base for the large wall assemblage artwork?

A:  Most of the large wall assemblage is put on ¼ inch plywood. After I cut out each design, I seal it completely with paint, reinforce the wood with metal brackets to prevent warping, and apply various hanging wires.  All of my large wall artwork is carefully prepared prior to the actual design implementation.  Preparation is key to ensuring sustainable artwork for the astute collector.

Q:  How long does it take you to do a large wall assemblage artwork?

A: At the time we sign the contract, we will have determined the design, colors and materials, and we will have discussed an estimated timeline. Because I never make an artistic decision without complete confidence, that may mean more time is needed to think about the aesthetics of the composition. This will ensure the quality of the completed design.


Q:  How do I keep my artwork clean?  What about the mirror shards?

A:  Very easily.  Treat your new artwork like it is a sculpture.  Each piece of the assemblage is a sculptural statement.  So, please – use a cool hair dryer to blow off the dust or a soft, clean bristle paint brush. Try not to clean the mirror shards – let them age gracefully with the rest of the artwork.

If a mirror shard does have a smudge from a handprint on it, use a Q-tip dipped in a window cleaner to clean it.  Please, do not clean all of the mirrors! 

Please note, the silver backing on the mirror shards may change over time – if they do, some may develop black lines. These lines will enhance the depth of the design.

Q:  Is there an additional fee for a commission? 

A:  No.

Please contact me to design a custom wall assemblage for you and your personal space. For more questions and answers about my art, process and commissions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.